Soft PLC controlled and final Winding Machine

Pointed, Polyester Textured Nylon , Circling Saran Yarn Winding Machine Soft and Final

Machine Type: Single Sided

Traverse Length: 8 Inches 4 Traverse

Eye MOQ: 6-12

Winding Type: Cross Winding Ramp Input ( surprised System)

Coil Type: cylindrical - conical

Yarn Thickness: 20 dny - 9000 dny

Stop: Electronic Rope Break Sansör the

Per Eye Electricity: 0,12 kW motor

Blood pressure : Blood Pressure Sensitive Scratching

Meter Setting : PLC Control Center System (Each eye Independent)

Command System: Communicate PLC Touch Screen and Independent Manual Control

Control Voltage: 24V

Shooting Speed: 750 m \ Min.

Drive : Belt drive from Miller

Lubrication : 4 - 6 rpm ( revolution ) Engine Oil Ratio 3% -5%

Speed ​​Control It : Communicate should Inverter